BarCamp Cameroon is the biggest annual gathering of passionate individuals from all fields of the digital and technology society: entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, bloggers, journalists, activists and students. It’s a meeting of forward-thinking minds coming together to discuss the myriad opportunities and challenges we face in this technological era.

BarCamp is dubbed a “non-conference” because of its informal format and on-the-spot scheduling. Still, quality discussions, stimulating interaction and a trade fair-like atmosphere are some of its hallmarks. We see BarCamp as a combining platform between Cameroon’s tech and civil society, geared at addressing grand issues of the day.

Theme : "Made In Cameroon"

We believe that it’s time to showcase all the great and innovative projects that have been developed in Cameroon. We want to break down the barriers between the tech community and the general public. This BarCamp will be dedicated to putting all of Cameroon’s best startups on the map, creating discussions for new projects and just spreading the do-it-yourself spirit of entrepreneurship.

"Made In Cameroon" doesn't only speak of the projects that have been developed within the nation, but is also a reference to the African-in-miniature values that went into the creation of these intiatives. Collaboration, community and openness will be buzzwords that will come up constantly at this year's BarCamp Cameroon edition.


BarCamp Cameroon 2013 will hold from 09:00 am - 06:00 pm (with refresment breaks in between) on Saturday, October 26th. There will be 4 lounges open for visits and presentations:

  • 1. Techpreneurship Lounge
  • 2. Open Collaboration Lounge
  • 3. Creative Industries Lounge
  • 2. Freebie Lounge

In order to have attractive content, the call for proposal submissions is open as well. No need to be a genius or be of a certain social class to speak during the Barcamp.
Send your topic proposals to the following addresses: and

NB: Applications from women, developers or not, are eagerly awaited. Topics on culture (heritage preservation, arts: literature, cinema, music, tourism, national languages, agribusiness ..) will be considered primarily this year.


You can register for this event freely. The principle is simple once you receive a confirmation of your registration; you have to print the ticket sent in your mail box and bring it along during that day.


Do you wish to be a partner or a sponsor in organising this event? It’s so easy, just contact us at :
We will forward the 2013 sponsorship file and remain at your disposal for further inquiry.


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